gti-old-poster2The history of GTI

Grand Theft Impro is a improvised sketch comedy troupe made up of Dylan Emery, Phil Whelans and Charlotte Gittins

GTI was created by Alan Marrriot and Dylan Emery in 2003. It started with a core team of six players: Alan Marriott, Phil Whelans, Lesley Albiston, Drew Leavy, Duncan Foster and Dylan Emery. They performed every week at The Crown on Brewer Street in Soho.


Moving Ongti-old-poster3

When the pub came under new management a couple of years later, GTI moved to The Black Horse on Rathbone Place. A couple of years later, the same company that bought The Crown bought The Black Horse and GTI moved up the road to The Wheatsheaf, also on Rathbone Place. GTI currently plays once a month for the marvellous Hoopla at The Miller and performs one-offs all over London.

Grand Theft Impro Alumni

Alan Marriott (co-founder), Drew Leavy, Cariad Lloyd, Lesley Albiston & Duncan Foster. Drew died in 2011 and is sorely missed.

Previous guest players

Adam Meggido
Alan Cox
Alan Hawkins
Alexander Fox
Ali James
Amy Cooke-Hodgson
Andre Vincent
Andrew Pugsley
Andrew Hunter Murray
Becky Johnson
Brendan Murphy
Brian Robel
Briony Redman
Chris Harvey John
Chris Mead
Dan O’Connor
Dan Starkey
David Reed
David Shore
Derek Flores
Donovan Workun
Francesca Forristal
Frankie Evans
Freya Parker
Gareth Kane
Graham Dickson
Greg Hess
Hannah Croft
Holly Laurent
Holly Mandel
Humphrey Ker
Ian Boothby
Jacob Banigan
Jamie Kavanagh
Jessie Rutland
Jim Woods
Jimmy James Eaton
Jinni Lyons
Joseph Morpurgo
John Bradley
John Mawer
Josie Lawrence
Jules Morrish
Justin Brett
Katy Schutte
Kevin Gillese
Kevin McDonald
Kurt Smeaton
Lauren Shearing
Lee Simpson
Lee White
Lloyd Ahlquist
Lucy Trodd
Luke Sorba
Marcus Brigstocke
Max Dickins
Mark Beltzman
Mark Dawson
Mark Meer
Matt Alden Dykes
Michael Orton-Toliver
Michelle Owoo
Mike McShane
Monica Gaga
Naomi Petersen
Nell Mooney
Niall Ashdown
Nick Johne
Oliver Senton
Patti Stiles
Paul Foxcroft
Paul Rogan
Paul ‘Silky’ White
Philip Pellew
Phill Jupitus
Pippa Evans
Rachel Blackman
Rachel Parris
Rachel Wecht
Rhiannon Vivian
Richard Soames
Ruth Bratt
Ryan Millar
Sally Hodgkiss
Sean McCann
Shawn Kinley
Stella Duffy
Steve Frost
Steve Steen
Stewart McCure
Suki Webster
Susan Harrison
Sylvia Bishop
Tim Sniffen
Thom Tuck
Tony Slattery

Previous guest musicians

Anthony Ingle
Chris Ash
Jordan Clarke
Patrick Stockbridge
Sam Cable
Tom Hodge
Yshani Perinpanayagam
Sandra-Mae Luykx

There are many others, but we can’t currently remember them. If they (you) are reading this (that) please email me (us) and tell me to add you (them) to the list (list).