Jan 17 – First show of 2020 with rap-battle star EpicLLOYD, the amazing Silky and Ali James from Showstopper!

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We are often asked ‘What would be the best date to see Grand Theft Impro? Now, through modern science, we have discovered the answer. It’s January 17th. It’s at the Miller near London Bridge under the auspices of Hoopla Impro. And it will be epic. That much we know through experiments.

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We are genuinely excited at the line up. Here’s the run down:

Lloyd Ahlquist, aka EpicLLOYD, is the two-time Emmy Nominated co-creator of the Epic Rap Battles of History.  ERB has had over 3 billion views, 14 million subscribers and earned 12 gold records making it one of the seminal Youtube series of all time. His talents as an emcee, comedian and improvisor have brought him to thousands of stages all across the United States and he even runs his own comedy club in LA.

Also we have the never less than dazzling actor, singer and dancer Ali James from Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. As well as being a brilliant improviser, she is also a choreographer – she is the movement director on the current Penn and Teller/ Mischief Theatre show: Magic Goes Wrong.

We have musical comedy legend Silky who is taking time off his constant touring and playing festivals and being successful to bring his brand of surprisingly well-informed whimsy to the Miller.

Music will be provided by Duncan Walsh Atkins, the MD of Showstopper! and one of the finest improv musicians in the world.

Dylan will be present.

And if you wanted even more reasons to come, there are two other acts on the bill: the hilarious Do Not Adjust Your Stage and the fabulous Jinni Lyons! 

Come and join us – it’s what science wants you to do.

What: Grand Theft Impro
Where: The Miller, Snowsfields Road, near London Bridge
When: 8pm
How: By buying tickets – link is here