Fri 13 Dec: Grand Theft Impro attempt Xmas Office Party whilst doing show.

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Friday 13 December
The Miller Pub
96, Snowsfields Road,
London SE1 3SS. Map
£8.50 here


On Friday 13 December, why not see which mysterious force wins out as December’s Seasonal Cheer goes head-to-head with Friday the Thirteenth’s innate bad luck? Perhaps a nest of spiders will have hatched inside the Christmas cracker you are about to pull; or maybe your paper crown will cut off the blood supply to your brain; or perhaps Love, Actually will be on when you get home and unsuspectingly switch your TV on.

Grand Theft Impro will tale to the stage, sharing the night with the marvellous Speechless (in which Phil took part last time out and enjoyed immensely.) GTI will be Dylan Emery, Susan Harrison, Nell Mooney and Phil Whelans, with the lovely and unnecessarily talented Chris Ash on keys.

Dylan Emery is co-founder of Olivier Award-winning West End, Edinburgh Festival and Radio 4 Impro Hit Showstopper and Ken Campbell-inspired hard-bardics masterclass, the School of Night.

Susan Harrison is in Showstopper: The Improvised Musical, two-prov group BEINGS, with Andrew Gentilli and These Folk with Justin Brett. She’s taken five Character Comedy shows to the Edinburgh Fringe (one of which, Creatures, won a ThreeWeeks Editor’s Choice Award. She was a series regular on BAFTA nominated CBBC sketch show DNN .

Nell Mooney
studied impro with the Upright Citizens Brigade in the US and has worked in London with the likes of Showstopper, The Free Association and Monkey Toast. Her screen credits include Hyde Park on Hudson, Enchanted and Law & Order.

Phil Whelans – writer and performer of his own Radio 4 sitcom, My First Planet, founder member of Pros from Dover – with whom he did two series of Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage. Phil has worked with everyone from Joan Rivers to Basil Brush, Al Gore to Brian Conley, Robin Williams to Giles Brandreth.  Phil has been in It’s Kevin, Brasseye, Preston Front and a number of unsuccessful radio and TV impro pilots. He has appeared in Showstopper, Hamlet Improvised, Criminal and countless other impro shows the world over.