Attempt to advertise Grand Theft show on 11th May gets side-tracked by astronomy metaphors

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What’s Up?

On Friday May 11th, a good half-telescope’s worth of impro galaxy will be sucked into the black hole of the cosmological constant that is Grand Theft Impro.

Holly Laurent, ex artistic director of IO West, otherwise known as ‘Holly’s Comet’ will be joined by two members of The Committee: Kayleigh Llwellyn and Max Dickins, for a half-hour of fast-paced impro. For those who don’t know it, The Committee is in many ways the dwarf star of the UK impro scene – young and hot.

Then Justin Brett of the Showstoppers will be taking us to the edge of his event horizon with just a guitar, his fabulous voice and a looper pedal in a segment we are calling ‘Justin Brett Plays with Himself’.

We will end on a supernova of talent – Justin and Holly will join us again for the final round – as will the brilliant Greg Hess of the legendary Chicago group The Cook County Social Club, who happens to be in town – and Lucy Trodd of the Showstoppers. Grand Theft Impro itself will be represented by the ever-bearded Dylan Emery.

The evening promises to be as immense as the cold infinity of space. And just as filled with intelligent life. We hope you can join us.


What: Grand Theft Impro & Enemies ( hosted by Hoopla Impro (
When: May 11th 8pm to 10pm
Where: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London SE1 3SS
How Much: £5 on the door

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Cast biogs

Holly Laurent is a hugely experienced and respected improviser, writer, and director. She was the artistic director of IO West, ex mainstage player at Second City Chicago and member of The Reckoning. She’s performed in theatres all over the world as well as on TV shows including The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Greg Hess is a member of the legendary Chicago-based group The Cook County Social Club – he’s briefly in town and we are delighted to welcome him for one night only…

Max Dickins is an improviser, stand-up and writer who has taken several one-man shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe including the sell-out ‘My Groupon Adventure’. He is a member of The Committee.

Kayleigh Llwellyn is a screenwriter and performer from Wales. She has studied improv with The Free Association, Monkey Toast, UCB, Groundlings and iO. She plays with The Cartel and The Ladies of FA County, and is a founding member of The Committee.

Justin Brett is a member of the Showstoppers. As well as being top class improviser and singer, he regularly appears on television, film and theatres all over the country in both straight and comedy roles.

Lucy Trodd is a member of The Showstoppers and has been for more than 10 years. She’s also a regular on television and wrote and starred in her own BBC Radio 4 Series Trodd en Bratt (along with fellow Showstopper Ruth Bratt).

Dylan Emery is one of the founders of Grand Theft Impro and The Showstoppers and he is in The School of Night.

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