GTI (ft David Reed) and Pippa Evans’ Brand New Show in Top Drawer Double Bill Happening – The Miller – Thursday 20 July 7.30pm

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Come and see PIPPA EVANS – Fast and Loose Live at the Electric, Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, Drunk History and The Dog Ate My Homework, The Now Show, Fifteen Minute Musicals, Newsjack – previewing this year’s Edinburgh Festival show, Joy Provision, then dashing off to another gig, meaning we can’t get her to guest with GTI along with our already excellent guest, DAVID REED – Penny Dreadfuls, Gary:Tank Commander, It’s Kevin, Kevin Eldon Will See You Now, Father Figure.

This unholy union of scripted and improvised comedy will set you back just five pounds. FIVE POUNDS.

Where: Upstairs at the Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS    Map  

When: 7.30pm ’til 10.00pm-ish, doors 7:00pm, Thur. 20 July 2017

Tickets: You can buy them on the door – FIVE POUNDS – or  buy online here