GTI and Enemies May 5th with Racing Minds plus Ruth Bratt and Justin Brett as Lett’s Vegas!

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Join Grand Theft Impro and Enemies (a Hoopla Impro night at the Miller) on May 5th at 8pm.

We’re very excited about this month’s GTI & Enemies because our guests are Letts Vegas, in which the Showstoppers’ Ruth Bratt and Justin Brett. play a couple of once-famous crooners, Ruth Letts and Les Vegas. They talk about the old days and sing their favourite hits (as suggested by members of the audience, of course). It is as anarchic as it is skillful and is a delight to watch.

Our second guests are the brilliant Racing Minds, who have been packing out shows for years with their eccentric characters and alarmingly fast wit.

And, as ever, the second half will be Grand Theft’s signature show Ten Titles, featuring as guests the self-same Ruth Bratt and Justin Brett.

Bring it on!

Where: Upstairs at the Miller 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS

When: 8pm-10pm, doors open 7:30pm, 5th May 2017

Tickets: You can buy them on the door for £5. Tickets available to buy online here.