Aaaaaaagh… souls… It’s Séance Fiction at The Miller: Tue 20 September.

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Tuesday September 20 I 7.30pm

The Miller
96, Snowsfields,
London Bridge,
London SE1 3SS
020 7407 2690

Tickets: £5 – no need to book beforehand, just show up

GTI’s Phil Whelans and Dylan Emery along with David Reed, Alison Thea-Skot and Naomi Petersen invite you to join hands, step onto the comedy ghost-train and take a ride into the unknown as we unravel the life and recent death of a character you help invent.

Three strangers receive a mysterious summons to participate in a séance. A voice calls from beyond the grave! Whose voice? We don’t know. What does it want? We don’t know. Why don’t we know? We don’t know. Because everything about the deceased will be improvised.

Like Derek Acorah or Psychic Sally, we’re making it up as we go along…

Producer: Catherine Darcy