Odd conceit about when next Thursday’s GTI is hints at darker underlying issues reinforced by self-referential headline.

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In GTI’s antepenultimate, or pen-ultim-ultim-ate, or last-but-one-but-one show of 2015 – or 5776 in the Hebrew calendar (or 4713 in the Chine… look, let’s not get hung up on who said when the show was and who said, “No it’s not then, it’s then” and who else said “well, strictly speaking, it’s already happened and we can only sell tickets retrospectively”… let’s just agree that the show is…

On Thursday Dec. 3rd 2015


The Wheatsheaf,
25 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1JB. (Tottenham Court Road tube)

Tickets: £5.50 online at grandtheftimpro.com/tickets or £7 on the door.

You may disagree, but that’s when we’re doing it so… y’know…

This week, Charlotte Gittins and Phil Whelans are joined by…

Josie Lawrence is Josie Lawrence, basically. She was in Whose Line is it Anyway?, she’s one of the Comedy Store Players, she improvised on the radio in The Masterson Inheritance and The Lawrence Sweeny Mix. She had her own show on Channel 4 and she’s been in everything from the RSC to Eastenders.

David Reed One third of monster hit sketch team The Penny Dreadfuls (two Radio 4 series and several one-offs), David has been on TV in such shows as Gary: Tank Commander, Fast and Loose, It’s Kevin (which Phil was in too) and Father Figure.

These are two amazing improvisers. We’re very lucky. Come along and perhaps some of that luck will rub off on you*

* Luck not guaranteed to rub off. Keep studying hard for exam. Do not buy lottery ticket based on coming to see show. Look both ways when crossing the road. Keep using protection.