Thursday Nov. 5th: Gunpowder, Treason and and Several Improvised Plots.

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On Thursday November 5th 2015


The Wheatsheaf,
25 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1JB. (Tottenham Court Road tube)

Tickets: £5.50 online at or £7 on the door.

Charlotte Gittins and Phil Whelans are joined by two tremendous guests…

Suki Webster – Comedy Store Player, Paul Merton’s Impro Chum, Eddie Izzard’s co-conspirator in Impro M.D. and One-Word Improv, and Ross Noble’s for his run of shows at the Cutty Sark. Suki has developed her own Impro Format, The Guest Speaker, which Phil, Charlotte and Luke have been in.

Luke Sorba was a founder member – with GTI’s Phil – of Spontaneous Combustion which toured theatres, comedy clubs and colleges throughout the nineties and took four different successful narrative impro formats to the Edinburgh Festival. He’s appeared on BBC Radio Impro shows, You Asked For It and Parodies Lost while, on TV, he was in shows ranging from Richard Hammond’s Secret Service to Brasseye. He’s appeared with the Comedy Store Players and Paul Merton’s Impro Chums.

Please keep pets indoors. Pets hate impro. Except parrots. Once the show has started, do not return to show; you may lose a hand*

* Hand may be clapped off by other hand during particularly enthusiastic applauding**.