GTI reform. Take that, Take That.

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This Thursday…

25 June 2015

……why not witness the staggering lack of chemistry occasioned by the first appearance this season, on the same stage, of all three members of Grand Theft Impro in what is already being described as an “uneasy truce”?

Dylan Emery famously sued the other two members of GTI for the group’s entire back catalogue of improvisations which he has made available on iTunes as “memories,” an icon for which is unavailable on the current iTunes control panel.

For two years, Charlotte would only appear with the other two members of GTI in silhouette to protect her identity and with her voice dubbed by an actor. Another actor.

For two years, Phil dubbed Charlotte’s voice, making her agree to things she didn’t want to do. She now has three Mika albums.

The Wheatsheaf,
25 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1JB. (Tottenham Court Road tube)

Tickets: £5.50 online at or £7 on the door.

Dylan Emery is co-founder of Edinburgh, West End and Radio 4  Impro Hit The Showstoppers and Ken Campbell-inspired hard-bardics masterclass, the School of Night. Like an online Noah, building a virtual ark out of zeros and ones, then playing a nationwide game of animal characteristics, Dylan’s Crunchy Frog Collective website brings all of the U.K.’s impro under Won Worldwide Woof.

Charlotte Gittins– Charlotte is a veteran improviser, a member of the smash hit show Austentatious, a Monkey Toast player and has a two-person impro show (a Twoprov show),  Folie á Deux, with the delightful Andrew Murray.  She regularly takes part in the Annual London 50-hr Improvathon.

Phil Whelans – writer and performer of his own Radio 4 sitcom, My First Planet, founder member of Pros from Dover – with whom he did two series of Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage. Phil has worked with everyone from Joan Rivers to Basil Brush, Al Gore to Brian Conley, Robin Williams to Giles Brandreth.  Phil has been in It’s Kevin, Brasseye, Preston Front and a number of unsuccessful radio and TV impro pilots. He has appeared in Showstopper: the Improvised Musical and is a Monkey Toast player.